Scholarship Program Must be Accessed by High School Counselors Only

Members of the Career Colleges & Schools of Texas (CCST) are proud to finance a $1,000 scholarship per graduate for up to ten seniors at each Texas high school. The scholarship is accepted at many of CCST's member career schools.

CCST gives high school counselors the chance to decide which seniors receive the scholarships because CCST knows that educators have insight into the unique need of their students, and that educators want to help their students succeed more than almost anyone.

Not every young adult can or wants to attend a four-year college. The colleges and schools of CCST offer a broad range of programs to help students advance in most every field — everything from accounting to web design — so there is sure to be a school that meets the needs of most every student.

There's no catch. The selection of who gets the awards is at the sole discretion of your high school counselor. The counselor should award the scholarships only to 2015 graduates. The selected student has the ability to choose which career school they wish to attend from the list of schools participating in the CCST scholarship program.

Each of the members of CCST is approved by the State of Texas and maintains high educational and ethical standards. Depending on the course of study, students can receive a diploma or an Associates Degree.


Download Scholarship Program Flyer







Download Scholarship Program Flyer
Review the Online CCST Directory of Career Colleges & Schools of Texas. The directory lists over 125 career schools that can help graduates reach their career goals and achieve their dreams. With detailed information about class schedules, programs offered and degrees available, graduating seniors — with your help — are sure to find a program that fits their interests and strengths.

Locate the career schools in the directory that have the "CCST Scholarship Program" red star or graduation cap icon, which are the career schools that participate in the CCST scholarship program.

Log-in or create a new account for your high school. High schools may have multiple accounts; however, please do keep track of your user name and password. Please note that you will need your high school's official 9-digit Texas Education Agency (TEA) number (assigned by the state of Texas) in order to create your account.


Once you log in, click on "ADD NEW SCHOLARSHIP" on the right side. Continuing through the screens, enter the student's information and choose a participating career college of the student's choice, and click "SAVE".

Back on the main menu screen, print the student's scholarship, sign on the "authorized signature" line and give to the student.

Upon application and enrollment in the career school, the student presents the certificate and the career school will fund and apply the $1,000 scholarship.