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Welcome to the Directory of Career Colleges and Schools of Texas.

CCST provides this directory as an interactive database for students and educational advising centers to research career and technical programs throughout Texas.

Find a Career School by:

  • selecting one or more desired "general program fields" from the list (press the "ctrl" key while clicking the mouse to make multiple selections)
  • selecting one or more areas of the state from the list
  • selecting "yes" under the CCST Scholarship Program to list only those Career Schools who participate in the CCST high school senior scholarship program
  • typing in keyword(s) for specific programs
  • clicking on "Alphabetically" to find a Career School by name
  • select "SEARCH' after you have made your selections

Select "Add to Contact List" on the school record to create a list of schools that you are interested in more information, and when you have completed searching, select "View My Contacts" to send a mass email to all campuses or print a list for yourself.

Select "Send a Message" on a campus record to send a direct message to the main campus contact.