Membership Types


Private post secondary career training and/or skill development schools dedicated to sound education, whose owners’ and/or management’s activity and/or speech is consistent with and not in contravention of the best interest of the Corporation, and which are supported by student tuition and which are not solely community-based or community service organizations that are authorized by the appropriate state authority are eligible to apply or renew to become Regular Members upon a majority vote of the Board of Directors.


Associate Membership is open to all companies, organizations and individuals interested in advancing the private career colleges and schools industry in Texas. Membership in CCST is one way to clearly demonstrate that you or your organization is interested in and concerned about the future of private career schools’ participation in the work force development of Texas.  Associate Members shall have no voting rights with exception of the two representatives appointed to serve on the Board of Directors.


For colleges and schools located outside of Texas. If a school outside Texas wishes to become an Affiliate Member and also owns or operates a school within the state of Texas, the Texas-based school must first be a Regular Member before the non-resident school can join as an Affiliate. JOIN NOW