8:00 am
Opening Keynote Address

Steve Gunderson, President and CEO, Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities (APSCU)
Former Congressman Steve Gunderson, will discuss how private sector institutions in Texas are connecting employers to job ready workers and helping close our nation’s opportunity gap and skills gap. Gunderson will also address the important role postsecondary education plays in workforce and economic development, and discuss how burdensome regulations hamper the ability for higher education to meet employer and student demands for career-focused education. 

9:15 am
Accreditation Panel and Q&A

Learn about the latest news from each of the accreditation agencies, with time for audience questions and answers. Agencies confirmed include: Tony Bieda, ACICS; John Shaheen, ACCET; and Jason Tiezzi, NACCAS

10:40 am
Regulatory Panel and Q&A
Hear updates and have your questions answered from each of the key sector regulatory agencies including: Nursing Board, Texas Workforce Commission, The Higher Education Coordinating Board, Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation


12:30 pm
The Tipping Point - How Online Student Experience and Performance Surpasses the Traditional Classroom
Dr. William Hoover, Bunker Hill Community College
Participants will learn how online education provides tailored learning experiences and adapts to educational needs based on performance. They will also discover how digital assignments are more engaging than traditional lectures, and how the assignments provide accountability and immediate feedback to both students and instructors. Attendees will learn how students receive "real time" assistance while completing assignments, instead of waiting for email responses or scheduling an on-campus visit. Lastly, participants will discover ways technology is being used to create social learning communities that don't normally form in face to face environments. 

Compliance and Guidance: Title IX and Clery Act
Steven Gombos and Steve Chema, Attorneys, Ritzert & Leyton, P.C.

Reducing Defaults Through Better Loan Counseling and Financial Literacy
Jeff Webster, Assistant Vice-President for Research and Analytical Services , TG
Will reliance on the U.S. Department of Education’s online loan counseling tools be sufficient for helping your students understand their federal student loans? To answer this question, TG, in consultation with NASFAA, conducted a multi-part research project on the counseling experience, examining its history, its present form, and what some schools have already done to enhance it. Learn what actual borrowers have to say about ED’s loan counseling tools. TG will share its recommendations to schools and policymakers for making the loan counseling experience more memorable and long lasting. 

Ad-mission Possible Panel Discussion
Leslie Scott, Campus Director, ITT Technical Institute - Webster moderates a panel of recruitment directors including Steven Lee, ITT Technical Institute; Darrius Jones, Everest Institute; and others
Panel discussion with area leaders in career college admissions, student recruitment, and representative training. Learn best practices in motivating your admissions team to success while maintaining compliance and integrity in the processes. 

Vendor Showcase - Pearson: Maximize the Impact (and Revenue) of your Student Retention AND Support Initiatives
Melony Henshaw, Pearson Readiness & Retention Consultant
We are all in the business of helping students finish what they started - their education.  When it comes to keeping students engaged and on the path to completion, communication and support are key. In this session you will learn more about the Pearson partnership with Starfish and how a complete technology-enabled retention system can help your institution scale its student support initiatives in a way that enables students to engage more effectively with the school and, ultimately, achieve their academic goals.

2:30 pm
Empowering Faculty and Staff to Embrace Change
Susan Bailey, Corporate Manager of Academic Operations, Education Futures Group
In order to remain viable in the education industry, career colleges know that they must quickly adapt to the ever-changing demands of customers. This results in a high amount of change at a fast pace. The problem: people crave stability and will do almost anything to avoid change. Ironically the only thing in life that is constant is that we must change in order to progress, and we have no choice but to progress or lose viability. This session will discuss change management techniques and how educational leaders can empower employees to not only make change, but embrace it. 

Increasing Student Engagement, Empowerment and Success
Shawn Orr, Professional Educator, Cengage Learning
Research tells us we should use technology. Students already embrace technology. So what’s holding us back? Keeping up with the dizzying pace of new technology can seem overwhelming to even the most innovative instructor, yet the desire to connect with our students and increase their engagement and success pushes us to consider how digital solutions can impact our classrooms. Join this interactive and energizing presentation to find out more than just what the research says or what students say they want. 

Gainful Employment Survey Appeals Process: How to Challenge Earnings Data
Yolanda Gallegos, Education Law Attorney

Improving Enrollment Results at Your Campus
Darryl Mattox, Gragg Advertising
Your admissions team has lost their voice as the primary appointment setting tool. So how can they best communicate the qualities of your school? How can they help the prospective students see the value in education? How can they build a trusting relationship if they can’t talk! In this session we will explore different communication tools that encourage our students to respond.  

Vendor Showcase - Mcgraw-Hill: Innovative Delivery of Adaptive Learning
Dr. William Hoover, Bunker Hill Community College
Whether flipping the classroom, engaging students asynchronously for a hybrid course, or implementing group collaboration for the first time, adaptive teaching tools provide educators the ability to provide individualized learning paths to each student.

3:50 pm

Learning is Risking
Chef Michelle Noble, Director of Education, Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts, Orlando
When we adventure to learn something new, we take a big risk beyond our comfort zones. When students feel secure they are willing to risk more, tap into natural adventurousness, and go beyond limits! This framework for a trusting and supportive environment develops character and ultimately leads to success -- not just at school but in all areas of life! Allow the unique perspective of Chef Noble’s personal story to provide insight about the same principles that have acted as her guideposts. At every stage in this journey, eight principles of excellence have guided her, her students and faculty to the next level. 

Implementing a Digital Solution Successfully
Walt Kirby, Strategic Consultant, Ed Map, Inc. will lead a panel of experts
The landscape for learning content is changing as rapidly as the expectations for their effectiveness. Conventional textbook content is increasingly commoditized, publishers are developing supplemental interactive materials and are launching adaptive technology platforms, and startups and OER offer numerous alternatives. These changes necessitate addressing questions such as: How can today’s chaotic course materials landscape yield better student outcomes? How do you develop and manage the process of incorporating digital course materials? How does technology (LMS, content aggregators, etc.) help or hinder the process? Come join a panel discussion to talk best practices and challenges. 

Solving the Placement Puzzle: 4 Pillars to Career Services Success
Micaela Alpers, President, Career TEAM
With greater focus emerging on the Gainful Employment of our graduates, Career TEAM brings “Placement Best Practices” to our partners in Higher Education. With over 20 years of successful Workforce Development experience, join us as we explore ideal hiring profiles and performance assessment tips for Career Services. We will also share opportunities for creating scale in building employer networks and student connection. Finally, we will discuss the importance of developing a “Career Culture” and how to infuse these ideas at every level of your organization. All with the ultimate goal of helping students succeed in the interview and beyond!

Insights to Leverage: Hispanic Millennials & Higher Education
Karla Fernandez Parker, Managing Director, Sensis Texas
Learn about the Hispanic Millennial Project (HMP), a research study that aims to better understand Hispanic Millennials living in the U.S., segmentation, points of tension and differences between U.S. and foreign-born Hispanic Millennials, as well as with older Hispanics and non-Hispanic white Millennials. The session will explore attitudes and behaviors of Hispanic Millennials in regards to higher education, the reasons/barriers Hispanic Millennials are not pursuing a four-year college degree, and attitudes to leverage when speaking to Hispanic Millennials regarding their futures. 

Vendor Showcase - Cengage: Best Practices in Online Education - Cengage Learning’s Mindtap
Nick Yazbec, Cengage Learning
Instructors are often trying to find ways to enhance student success, and most good instructors have tried a myriad of things. Introducing…MindTap, a publisher learning program that offers creative online assignments in a variety of disciplines. This workshop will explain how to effectively use MindTap in any class and review instructor-friendly research on its success.