Now Accepting Nominations

We are inviting member schools to nominate themselves for the CCST Awards of Distinction to celebrate achievements and successes in the past year!

Award recipients will be announced at the CCST Annual Conference, at the The Woodlands Waterway Marriott, November 9-11, 2015. Deadline : October 24, 2015.

CCST School of the Year

Schools may nominate themselves and/or chosen by Chair, Chair Elect, Secretary and Treasurer.


  • Community service
  • Contribution to legislative efforts
  • Participation in CCST workshops
  • Exemplary graduation and placement rates
  • Awarded to an individual campus/school: not a chain of schools

CCST Teacher of the Year

Schools may nominate one teacher each.


  • Professional development
  • High ratings on student evaluations/surveys
  • Exemplary teaching performance
  • Exemplary retention rates

CCST Innovator Award

Schools may nominate themselves based upon an innovative program implemented within their school to solve a problem, improve the life of their students, or to improve their business. Finalists will be asked to make a brief presentation at the Conference.


  • Program or idea must have been implemented.
  • Idea must have achieved a proven result by:

 - Solving a problem (example: retention, placement, student achievement, default, 90/10)
 - Improving the life of students, or
 - Improving the business (profitability, growth, etc.)

CCST Graduate of the Year

Schools may nominate one graduate each.


  • Excel in his/her field of study
  • Role model for students
  • Professional development

CCST Employer of the Year

Nominated by a school for an employer that has employed one or more of its graduates.


  • Have hired at least one graduate from the
  • nominating school
  • Contribute to Program Advisory Committee
  • Contribute to curriculum or institutional improvements that affect the life of a student

CCST Associate Member of the Year

Chosen by Chair, Chair Elect, Secretary and Treasurer.


  • Contribute to workshops
  • Contribute to conference
  • Other outstanding contributions to CCST



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