From the Chair

Welcome from CCST Leadership,

Thank you for visiting the website of the Career Colleges & Schools of Texas. Our association represents over 200 schools that are a vital part of the higher education mix in the state. Our schools provide quality education and a wide diversity of choices for Texans who are beginning or continuing their higher education. We work hard to train our students so that they are prepared to start their new careers!

For our 200+ member schools, CCST stands ready to work with you and represent you in issues critical to your ability to provide those educational options to your students. We provide resources to help train your personnel, leadership in regulatory and legislative matters, and shared knowledge about cutting edge issues and opportunities within our sector.

We look forward to working on challenging issues, engaging in policy discussions and continuing to enhance and recognize the excellent work of our member schools. We need your support, and we look forward to building an even stronger association. We are committed to Training Texans for Success!!


Steve Smith
2013-14 Chairman
Jerry Valdez
Executive Director